Monday, May 5, 2014


Our small group, the Fiber Junkies is all about trying new techniques....earlier this year we worked with printing on transparency sheets and using a thermofax.  Sometimes we plan more than we actually have time to execute.  

I still had several designs from these two methods that needed to be today was the day! 
 The photo was printed on a sheet of transparency plastic....I blogged about our meeting here and here too.  I was worried that after more than a month sitting around, they might not transfer.
 Using some matte-medium covered rusted course cotton...... 
I placed one of my smaller images on the wet fabric and rubbed the plastic sheet with the back of a spoon....and worked!!! 
 This one didn't transfer as well......I think I may have rubbed it more than necessary...blurring the center of the tractor grill.

Next, I pulled out the theromax screens we made at Judy's house with these images.
 This silk noil fabric was deconstructed screen printed....and probably not a very wise choice.  It was so nubby, none of my prints were very successful...but perhaps still usable.....
 Too little paint.
 Sort of okay.
Too much paint.

It's wonderful to have the opportunity to try new's a great way to learn what works with my style and temperment, also what techniques are not a good match for me.  So, I never consider disappointment a waste of simply brings me closer to perfecting my own path!


The Idaho Beauty said...

That's an excellent attitude I've not always remembered to have in my own explorations. And yet I remember how relieved I felt when I ran across this same sentiment in a Parker Palmer book. He was talking about career choices and how each failure or disappointment merely helps you to narrow things down and help you clarify what you really need to be doing to fulfilled yourself. It's all about finding your own path, what suits you best.

Robbie said...

NICE, Mary!!!! Love the transfer piece....