Saturday, May 3, 2014


Help!?!  I'm only getting about half the email notices I should when comments have been posted to my blog...though my settings appear to be correct.....  Anyone else having this issue or know a fix??  

I really appreciate hearing from you.  I like to respond to each of you in a timely fashion so this is annoying me.  

Thanks for your help.....


Exuberant Color said...

Yes I'm having this issue too but only with 2 of the people who comment. the rest are coming through.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I still say (according to the bit of research I did on this) that you will have to contact your e-mail provider to let them know this is happening. The prevailing wisdom is that the service is snatching up some of these comments as if they were spam, blocking them from getting to you in any form - i.e. they will NOT show up even in your spam folder. The only other solution that has worked for people is to have comments sent to an alternate e-mail address like a g-mail acct. Such a pain.