Thursday, May 15, 2014


Each new color line of Woolfelt that National NonWovens introduces gets my creative juices flowing...... 
 I selected a palette that is rather close in value, but one that had the softness I was feeling as spring slowly comes to our mountains.
  As is my usual procedure, the desired finished size of the piece is marked on a piece of Pellon lightweight non-fusible interfacing, which is hand basted (following the marked lines) onto wool felt.  
 Motifs are added within the basted lines....and further embellished with more felt details and embroidery floss.  If you look closely (or click on the image to enlarge) can see where I began adding some background hand embroidery.  In fact, I spent nearly two evening stitching away....all the while knowing in my heart that it was distracting and that I should give up.

So I did......after ripping it out....I began to add echo hand embroidery around the motifs.  What on earth was I thinking......that didn't work either.....fortunately I wised up quickly and took them out.

Now I'm thinking it's fine the way it is......just because I usually add background stitching doesn't mean EVERY design requires it.  More pondering is required....stay tuned....

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Kathy said...

Even when you KNOW it's not working, it's hard to stop stitching and re-group. Can't wait to see what you come up with!