Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We weren't just visiting Denny to ogle her studio/s.....the focus of this month's meeting was to create our own silk screens and to print fabrics using water soluble chalks, paints, pastel oils, crayons, etc.
For the first step, we worked in Denny's garage which was set up with tables and all the supplies each of us needed.  All we brought was our fabric and colorful duct tape!!  This is Denny's sample that we copied.
 We began with a simple adjustable screen from a big box store.  It's the type that fits into a window that otherwise wouldn't have a screen.  The sides can be expanded to the correct width.  Meaning....1 'screen' will yield 2 frames.
 It's surprisingly simple.....look for the corner where the 'rubber gasket' meets.
 Remove it.
 Replace with sheer nylon.  Denny suggested looking in resale shops for curtains that can yield a lot of yardage for pennies.
 Here's the nylon material, snugly secured into the frame.
 This handy tool was indispensable for easily pushing the gasket into the track.

 The next step is to secure duct tape, covering the edge and frame on both sides.
The idea is to create a well on the inside of the frame on each side.  When screen printing, the paint, dye, or matte medium is placed in the 'well' located at the top of the silk screen frame.  This 'liquid' is pulled down and through the screen using a squeegee.

Please continue to visit see what we did next.


Robbie said...

what fun!!! I'm still WAY behind in reading blogs...I'm not going anywhere until mid July!!!! Tired of traveling!

Kathy said...

Clever, clever way to make screens! I might have to actually make one for myself!