Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I'm new to grandma-hood.......one little glitch....our little guy lives on the West Coast......a minimum travel day by air of at least 10 hours.
 So, of course all gatherings are even more special.....and his 2nd birthday party was very special indeed.  The theme was 'farm'.....with all the touches my creative DIL and her parents could dream up.
 Activities for big and little people were found at every turn.  Here's a station where stickers, glue, and markers were used to make cards.
 I used metal animal shape cookie cutters to make P & J sandwiches.
 String cheese sticks and other individual treats allowed children to help themselves.
Animal cookies and cheese fish crackers add to the fun.
 The overall theme was built around a 2 hour petting zoo!  Now don't shake your head....I must admit I too was a bit apprehensive when I learned the plans.  Thinking it was a bit over the top, BUT....it was perfect.....so well done and everyone, large and small loved it. We all learned so much.

The 'team' arrived with rabbits, a tortoise, goats, sheep, chickens, and a lama.  Their pig was about to bring piglets into the world, so she stayed at home.

 Here's the birthday boy petting a rabbit.  All the animals were gentle, friendly, and the staff was incredibly professional and responsible.

 Because the weather was a little cool, the 'water' play station was filled with rice instead.  The kids loved it.
 Raiden and Grandpa H. were saying goodbye to the animals as the staff loaded them back into the van.
My nearly week long trip included a visit with my brother in Oregon, then onto San Francisco where the weather was the best I ever experienced there.....which included a birthday party and a Mother's Day celebration......growing older definitely has its perks.


Robbie said...

What fun, Mary!!!! And such a special day...just adorable...I'm WAY behind in blog reading...between being home just 8 days, running errands, grand kids...and I go and stay with grand kids for five days starting this Thursday...safe travels or are you home? I may have missed that in your last line....again, what a wonderful, special time!

Kathy said...

There is absolutely nothing better than being a grandma! Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration--glad you could be part of it!

margaret said...

what a wonderful birthday, one to remember for ever, how good to bring the animals to the house, here we have petting farms but you have to go to the farm, I giggled when I saw the sandwiches.
Sad you are so far away from the grandson, they grow so quickly, seems not long ago my granddaughter was born and now she is 16 and leaving school

Windy Hill Happenings said...

What a wonderful day and what a cutie your little guy is....