Monday, May 19, 2014


Though I've owned the full version of Photoshop for many years, my efforts to use it beyond the meagerest tasks have always left me frustrated.  Patience with computers doesn't come easily to me.

With an unexpected burst of determination, I had some success recently manipulating a few photos of our grandchild using some filter options.  Each was printed onto a tea-dyed looking muslin.  A packet of antique komono fabrics gifted by our son and DIL was used to create this narrow wall hanging.

I've been holding off posting about this piece until after it was presented to our son and DIL......  Click on the photo to enlarge.

 "Raiden"   6" x 21"



Robbie said...

How adorable!! Getting 'geeky' there aren't you!!! HA Good for you! I just got back from five days of 'watching' (can't say babysitting now) grand kids!! Exhausted, as is the dog! HA

The Idaho Beauty said...

Such interesting fabric - all that texture makes for a great backdrop for the photos. As my mil would say, you done good!

margaret said...

there will be no stopping you now you have mastered this technique, love seeing old photos coming to life on quilts.

thesewinggeek said...

Wonderful idea Mary. What a great gift to your children.

I came to your blog through your lovely comments on my posts at and then we set it on fire this month. You may enjoy the next topic I will be writing on ... printing on lutradur.