Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Since much of our home is and always has been furnished via antique hunting, finding bargains to repurposing is rewarding.....  

For instance, this oak pie safe now holds a large DVD collection.
The pine jelly cabinet contains CD's.  We had a large display of iron register covers on a 20" tall wall behind our wood stove when we lived in Wisconsin.  The buyers wanted them to stay with the these extras that we had squirreled away came to North Carolina with us.  The pine writing table (far right) is now a bedside end table.

P.S.    Alert follower Kris asked what were the things she was seeing in the I'm inserting them here......
 The bathroom is a small inside one with no felt very tomb like.  To offset that feeling, I haunted resale shops to purchase over a dozen small mirrors.  A crackle painting technique 'aged''s really surprising how much this helps.
We also found three brass facets, mounted on a wooden plaque, which I crackled as well.  It's used to hold hand towels.

This is one of my oak library card catalog cabinet.  My threads are now stored here.  The maple table to the right was used by my twin sister and I as wee little ones....the chairs are no longer around, but I treasure this piece which holds my copy machine and a charging station for all my devices.

Yesterday after the Asheville Quilt Guild meeting.....members of PTA and friends of course sought out lunch.  The restaurant we visited used these rusted bed springs as decor on the outside porch.  I LOVE the look and the great repurposing idea.  
They were hung everywhere, including the porch ceiling!!!

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Robbie said...

How cool! Love seeing all your wonderful "finds". And a glimpse into your home. Love the card catalog most!