Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Our group, the Fiber Junkies, had planned to visit a discount fabric warehouse.....for what we call dumpster diving since most of the fabric is stored in huge cardboard boxes or bins. But at the last minute we learned the store wouldn't be open the date we wanted to go.

So....thanks to Kate, who organized two techniques for us to explore and Gen who offered her home....we still enjoyed an inspiring and fun day together.
 Kate brought ALL the's a pile of colorful silk roving.
 And print chiffon to use as a base for our project.
 Plus lots of other embellishments to add some pizazz.....
 Denny brought silk, I believe she called them 'silk handerchiefs'....basically it was thin felted silk roving that we pulled apart to incorporate into our creations. 
 Here's how you can create your own thread fabric......  Begin by protecting your work surface with plastic, cover with a piece of netting (which helps to add support as you work), next a layer of  chiffon (which is optional).  Now, using thinned white glue or matte medium and a stencil brush, secure thread/roving/& embellishments to the base in a pleasing manner. As you start, it can be a bit challenging to keep the threads in place...fingers help but they get sticky and fits of giggles are sure to follow when fingers begin to look like Chia pets. You can also work directly on netting if you prefer...which allows you to peel away the base to obtain a rather open layer of stiffen threads and roving fibers.  

I chose to work on a print chiffon (above) and plan to cut the piece into smaller segments for use in a future project.
 Apologizes.....I'm not sure who made each of these designs...but aren't they lovely?

FYI - My blog will be quiet for the next couple of days as I head off to the West coast to celebrate our grandson's 2nd birthday.  If you are a need to do a soon as I blog'll automatically receive the post.  Thank you for spending part of your days with me. 

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JennyPennyPoppy said...

Like your thread fabric. Thanks for sharing how you did it and the pictures. I'm really looking forward to making some silk paper tomorrow.