Thursday, October 31, 2013


.....because I'm a quilter.....I'll begin my next San Francisco trip related post with......ta da......fiber!

  There was a big family gathering during my visit, which included my DIL's brother's family who traveled all the way from Argentina.  His MIL gifted the hostess this adorable Tic-Tac-Toe game.  (Hope you are following all these connections?!?)  

But....what may be clearer is the photo of this felted game board, complete with felted playing tokens.  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it......made by an Argentinan artist.
 Because I'm a quilter, I see and appreciate color!
 Because I'm a quilter, I enjoy delicious food such as brie and a zippy spread.
 Because I'm a quilter.....I LOVE desserts.  Even the young & single party goers brought food (a LOT of food).  Jon (a 20 something) doesn't bake, but his contribution of this super rich red velvet cake was a big hit.
 The Argentinan contingent got into the kitchen and turned out some of their favorites.....brownies, topped with whipped cream (the real stuff) and fresh raspberries.
 .....and this best ever lemon tart.....
Because I'm a quilter, these homemade chocolate truffles didn't escape my attention.
 Because I'm a quilter......who happens also to be a Mom......having a moment to see two cousins (who live a continent apart)'s very memorable.
.....And because I'm a quilter who is also a very proud Grandma, documenting Raiden's love of water (even in late October) was a given!

Warning....more trip reports to come.......see you tomorrow.


Linda M said...

Ahh, you did have a wonderful time!

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Can't wait for the next trip report...I loved that Tic Tac Toe in felt...And the food...looks outrageously good.

Robbie said...

Love seeing and hearing about events from a quilters eyes and ears!!!

margaret said...

can see you are having a wonderful time with the family