Thursday, October 24, 2013


The Fiber Junkies October meeting was held at Val's home.  We were lucky to sneak in one last outdoor play day before the winter cold drives us indoors.

Gen organized and guided us for this paper cloth project and we are all so grateful to her! 

 The supplies were items we all already had on hand; fabric (any kind as it would be completely covered), paper products (magazines, any kind of printed material/old or new, tissue paper, gift wrap, maps, brochures, colorful napkins, to name just a few.  Other items:  white glue, foam brush, paints/dyes, and plastic to work on.
 Gen brought a French magazine to share with us, and I brought a lot of colorful maps.
Pieces of a variety of paper items were torn and auditioned on a small piece of white on white cotton fabric.  Once satisfied that there was enough 'design' to cover the fabric, the pieces were set aside and the fabric was painted with diluted white glue. 
 Next, the paper was rearranged onto the fabric, coating with glue/water mixture until it adhered to the fabric.
 Here's the result to that point.  It can be left to dry or given a thinned paint/dye wash.  Which I did...using a pale blue color.  I'll post a photo of that final addition when it dries.
My second attempt was made using only tissue paper and paper napkins.  This one was not given a dye wash, but I may change my mind and do it later.  The great thing about this technique is that one can continue to add as many layers (paper and paint/dye) as necessary to achieve a successful design.  Once dried, Gen suggests rinsing the excess glue from the piece and allowing it to dry flat to provide a more flexible product.  It's easily machine stitched!

So...the big question is, "What on earth does one do with paper cloth?"  Well, Gen cut up her previous experiments and treated it like fabric patches, incorporating the pieces into a pieced design. I think I may cut mine apart and mount them on card stock to use as note cards.

Check back tomorrow and I'll share the exciting designs other Fiber Junkies created. 


Robbie said...

Yep...they make great fronts for fiber post cards too! I made over 20 of them one year for Valentine's day! What fun isn't it!!! Your group is so talented and so much fun!

margaret said...

looks like it was fun to do and will wait to see how you take it further