Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I mentioned that Oct. was a busy month for me with lots of travel, but THE BEST trip just concluded.  Is there anything better than a grandma trip? Even though our only grandchild lives about 2,000 miles away, the distance won't stop me from getting to know him.

Our 'granddog' Nali also now resides in San Francisco too. next few blogs won't be strictly fiber I'll begin with one that is and perhaps it may give someone inspiration. 

  Several (many several) years ago we provided occasional doggie care for our son's dog. It became known as Nali's Wisconsin Vacations, which eventually got documented into a fabric picture book.
 I was clearly practicing to be a this agreeable dog was 'treated' to lots of activities.

Here Nali was dressed with an old shirt...buttoned up the back...sleeves rolled she was engaged in 'art therapy". I know how crazy that sounds....and it was a total riot.  I smeared her paws with finger paints and had her walk over sheets of white paper.  Much of the time (if truth be told) I had to drag her...she hated the feel of the paint on her paws and sitting down wasn't uncommon!  Once the paint and dog hari dried, (don't laugh) I cut it into sections and framed them for family members.....  (I suspect you are now actually laughting!)
 Ring toss was a favorite game....
 It only took her a few minutes to understand the concept of an Easter egg hunt! 
 AND....what would a vacation be without a swimming pool and ball?
 Nali is now older and a bit creaky.....but can still manage going out her doggie door.  Raiden (the grandson...pronounced Rye din) thinks the door is fun too.
Now I have a new 'subject' to play with, is there another fabric book in my future?  Yes, of course!


Robbie said...

Raiden is a doll!!! And I love the 'doggie' book...yes, you'll have to make a fabric book for Raiden...showing grandma and grandpa!! My grand kids loved their books and still have them!!

margaret said...

what a great book and I am sure you will have an equally wonderful one for your grandson, such a shame they are so far away.