Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Really....I AM working....however I've stalled out on two recent projects (a linen indigo dyed piece and a sun printed wool one).  Finishing decisions on both elude me, so in the meantime, out came the never ending box of black and white fabrics gifted to me by a friend.  

 Along with the b/w fabrics....batiks will add colorful accents.  If my count is correct, this will be the 10th quilt that has been created from Helen's generosity.
 Again, taking inspiration from those 'fresh/modern' designs....I've chosen to piece narrow strips between black and white rectangles.  Simple blocks with snappy eye appeal.
This was such a great project, allowing me to utilize an hour here and there to piece and arrange as time permitted.  Once the top was assembled, straight line quilting was added.  It was finished with a pieced colorful binding.  

Our open floor layout home leaves me with very few walls to display work, so this piece will be heading to my online gallery in the hopes that someone else has the appropriate space to enjoy it.....

DASHES  33" X 35"
Cotton/batik fabrics, machine quilted


Robbie said...

This is really COOL!!!! Love it!!! I'm trying to read blogs while watching my back episodes of The Voice! I love this show! You should be honored I stopped it to leave a comment! Isn't that what friends are for! he he he

The Idaho Beauty said...

this is fab! Truly inspired to make the b&w the star and pops of color the supporting actors.

margaret said...

those little strips of colour really spring out at me, this is lovely