Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The subject of our Fiber Junkies meeting this month was 'modeling paste'.
Did you know you could use this stuff to create a raised surface on fabric?
 We met at Gen's house.....who led us through the process.....our hero organized everything.....  All we brought were some painted fabrics and stencils, and various paste products.
 This is one of the resources Gen used as a guide to our experiments.
 There are scads of products that work for this process....here are two Kate brought.
 Gen provided this one

 She also supplied another that incorporated glass.....I was really excited to try it...thinking ahead to all the sparkle it would  create.
The joke was on me....I should have read the label better....it mentions "transparent'.....dah....when it dried....this is what I saw.
 Here's another piece of mine.....Denny and Gen had some really great nature stencils that we all loved.
The process is quite simple......place a stencil on fabric.....and smear the paste through the openings....remove the stencil and ta da.....  They require some drying time to set up.  

When we began, we worked exclusively with the white paste.....tomorrow I'll show you more results where the paste was colored first. 


margaret said...

what fun you must have had and some nice pieces produced

Margaret Cooter said...

Interesting idea! I'm excited to try this...