Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I almost hesitate to post this since it's so far from completion...however, my very busy month of Oct. is keeping me away from the studio more than I'd like.    So, squeezing in small periods of time to work is better than none.
Along the road to our closest town, there's a metal fabricator whose garage door is always open.  It's called me every time I pass.  So, recently I stopped in, hoping to find some metal pieces that could be rusted.  Unfortunately, the metal he uses is quite thick and due to its weight, won't incorporate well into fiber art.  

He explained that anything smaller than the 7" x 1.5" piece above automatically falls into the water holding area of his plasma laser cutting machine.  Too bad....I'll bet there is some good stuff there!

 He kindly gave me two of the smallest pieces he had.....and I've been pondering ever since about how I could use it.  

 My plan is to create a landscape....though I'm woefully under skilled as far as perspective etc. goes, but I'm going to try.  Using the stem stitch, various lines have been embroidered onto a heathered felted wool background.
Next, I'll attempt to use cross hatching to develop the shapes/shadows/colors.  This will be time consuming...(fine by me...I love handwork) so be patient, updates will be forthcoming as the work develops.


Robbie said...

How cool! These 'finds' are the greatest aren't they! Love the piece and look forward to seeing how it ends up!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I love that shape! Looking forward to seeing how it works into the landscape.

It was reminding me a little of some patches I noticed on the road near my house. The tar patches just followed the squiggly cracks in the asphalt, making quite the interesting abstract pattern. Geez, I walked by it today with my camera and was so intent on capturing fall colors in the trees I forgot all about it! Must look DOWN tomorrow rather than up! ;-)

margaret said...

think you will be popping back for more pieces of metal

Deborah OHare said...

I used to collect the droplets of metal that my father created whenever he was welding something. Wish I still had them. Look forward to seeing where this is going!

Regina B Dunn said...

Very interesting shape. So many possibilities.

Linda M said...

I've never thought of going to a metal fabricator - good idea. I always use rusty stuff I find on my walks, some so big I had to go back with my car to get them home.

Marilyn Wall said...

Hi Mary, you have a great start can't wait to see how you work the metal piece into the composition. I think I know how you might use the shape. It will be fun to follow.

LA Paylor said...

inspiration comes from everywhere.
Can't wait to see how this develops.
LeeAnna Paylor