Monday, October 7, 2013


I know.....probably about .01% of you will have any interest in this post....BUT.....I didn't want to leave you yesterday with the impression that attending a car race was always uneventful (or boring was the word I used).....

Although we weren't sitting within view of this spectacular's pretty darn amazing that the drivers walked away!

There are two videos that will leave you shaking your head, wondering why anyone would put themselves in such a precarious position here's one and in the'll be shaking your head double time as you watch the camera operator.

This is just a peak into a world far, far removed from quilting....but one that contains regular face to face contact with Dr. McDreamy.  He races competitively and is gaining a good reputation for not being 'just a gentleman' driver, meaning a rich guy that only wants to play with the big boys.  Instead, he's very serious and works hard to be respected in this incredible sport.

Please check back with me tomorrow when I will share some of the other quilts in our fiber groups' "Inspired By" exhibit.......  

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Yowza! Incredible that they got that footage of the camera man - definitely cool under fire! And you KNOW it's crashes like this that bring some people to the races. Not that they want to see someone hurt, but seeing the carnage is pretty amazing sometimes. I was watching motorcycle racing this weekend and there were several spectacular crashes - one in which the cycle was broken into so many bits there was nothing recognizable left. In both cases, the riders tossed willy nilly into airfence barriers escaped serious injury. Just amazing.

That last paragraph was a rather rough segue, btw - yes, check back tomorrow where I'll share the thrills and chills of my art group! ;-)