Sunday, October 6, 2013


While many of you were blissfully stitching away for the last couple of days....I was dragged (not quite kicking and screaming, but close) to yet again, another car race.

It was held at VIR (a race track in the middle of nowhere in VA)....  The bright spots were the two excellent restaurants we found last year and revisited again.

I'm thankful for our membership in a brand specific car club that offers respite from adverse weather I mostly hung out there.  It was HOT, dusty, & boring (esp. after Dr. McDreamy spun out in the first hour of the race).  Did I mention I HATE porta potties???   

 The club hospitality tent is well view of several turns where typically lots of action happens....though the cars go so darn fast....getting a picture on my phone didn't happen!
The club does a very good job of providing guest speakers....not long chats but informative and appreciated.  Here Patrick Long, excellent ambassador and driver for the CORE team gave us insight to the strategy for this track.  

Since that's what I've been doing there's no projects to share. I hope to unveil my current project soon.  Perhaps your creativity was being better utilized!!

I hesitate to even post this for fear of jinxing the Packers.....BUT - with 4 mins. to go in the 2nd quarter   Packers 6 - Lions 0.   GO PACK!!!!  

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