Wednesday, October 9, 2013


There has been little time in the studio without any projects to share at the moment, perhaps you'd be interested in seeing the view we have from our home.

We live in a mountain valley at 3,200 feet elevation and have an unobstructed year round view of mountains to our south.  The locals tell us that for every day of fog in the fall, there will be one day of snow in the winter.  That's definitely not a good sign as it's been foggy nearly every morning.

However today the fog stayed further down in the valley.  So what you see is not a's cloud cover, almost blocking the normally visible mountains.  The crisp fall morning air has arrived but so far there is only a sprinkling of color in the higher elevations.


Average Quilter said...

That is awesome. I don't know how you can get anything done - it's breath taking

Robbie said...

So much beauty....let's hope it's not a terrible winter...just a few days of 'beautiful' snow to look at out your window!!