Saturday, October 19, 2013


Fall attracts a lot of tourists to our area, all trying to time their visit to view the peak leaf color.  Everyone seems to have their opinion about when that will be and why.....we've had a wet reportedly there will be less reds and more yellows.  Yadda,'s all beautiful and I get to watch the daily transformations.

My plan was to document the overnight changes to share with you.  Well....I'm too impatient and upcoming travels will not permit this ambitious idea. Here's two views off our front porch on two consecutive days....  DAH...due to light conditions (though taken at nearly the same time each day) the differences are not very apparent in the photo but in person it is.

I hope this inspires you to go out and enjoy the scenery.....wherever you live!

 Day 1
Day 2
 Day 1
Day 2


margaret said...

like you here we seem to have gone from green to yellow except for a few trees but we never have the range of colours that you get in the USA

Robbie said...

Keep forgetting to tell you...I love the picture/piece on your banner!!!!