Friday, November 1, 2013


 ......My travel tales continue......
 Unlike the stagnant real estate here in NC, San Francisco's housing market is booming again.  Our son's neighborhood is astonishing.  You'll find one or more of these old homes on every block in the process of being totally remodeled. Many are digging out beneath the house to create room for a garage. As you can imagine, parking is at a premium in this very urban space. 
 The owners move out for 8 months to a year while their homes are transformed.  Most are 'tented' like this one to keep debris contained.
Our son will be going through this same process early next year, so he and his wife are constantly on a search for attractive ways to enhance their outdoor space.  We were fascinated by this living wall of plants. This could be a perfect solution for their fairly large backyard that ends with a tall wide fence.
 Another trademark of the area is bicycles.....frankly, I'd freak out if I had to drive in this environment since the riders tend to weave in and out of traffic so rapidly and seemingly too carefree.

And dogs....they are EVERYWHERE......patiently waiting for their owners to come out of the coffee shop or grocery stores.

Although I didn't get any photos (purposely thinking parents would prefer not to have their children's pictures taken) will find kids and strollers that even out number the dogs.
 Within walking distance from our son's home, there's an impressive Saturday Farmer's Market, including musical entertainment by local groups.

 It was fun checking out all the Halloween decorations, which would feed anyone's creative spirits....very impressive.
Believe me, I could have spent hours just taking Halloween inspired photos.
And as I wrap up this post.....I'll share these treasures I brought back home.  It's typical to find trees that are planted in small squares of earth within the sidewalks.  Most have smooth river rocks covering the dirt.  If you are a follower of this blog, you may recall that I recently went ga ga as I embellished a few rocks (inspired by Lisa's blog).  Rocks here in the mountains are rough so I've been searching for nice smaller, flat ones (yes I know they can be purchased.....but I want to use 'found ones'.)  

I nearly grabbed some of the sidewalk rocks, but (a.) I felt that'd be stealing and (b.) how many dogs do you think have visited them??  Yuck...

However, my son took me to a location where I found some 'clean' ones.  In fact, there were hundreds, but I only selected about 9 this time.  Did this silly tid bit really require several paragraphs and a photo??  Probably not, but I'm a happy camper and had to blab about it.

See ya tomorrow.....that is if you want to see more about San Francisco.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Very nice rocks! SF is perhaps my favorite big city. Your comment about dogs tied up waiting for owners outside stores reminded me of our 9 months in Berkeley. Our Lab often accompanied us on shopping trips (we were newly married & carless so walked everywhere) & did her time waiting patiently outside shops. Or maybe not so patiently!