Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Do you ever think....so okay, I've got this all thought out...have a plan and then with scissors in hand, realize the plan isn't such a great one??

The time I've been dreading since the beginning of this project has come....the center rectangle of my 'stamp' quilt needed to be inset into the whole cloth background.

 ....which means making the background piece into a seamless border.  I began by marking the size of my completed center, plus 1/4" s/a. 

  Then in a stroke of insight, BEFORE cutting it out, I stay stitched just inside the cutting line to provide some stability to the fabric.

 Then I taped my (still basted to a muslin foundation) applique design onto my cutting table.

.....and placed the border section on top.  The edges of the borders were turned and pin basted, while checking to make sure it remained square.  I had initially thought I'd machine stitch the layers together with 'Y' type seams at the corner but the more I realized what a hassle that would be, the more I talked myself out of that direction.  Instead, I hand basted the two layers together and am now in the process of hand appliqueing them together. It's not as fast but I believe I'll have better control of the finished product!

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