Sunday, January 8, 2012


Our show and tell this month was pretty are a few more peaks....

 Judy Simmons continues to awe us with her innovative photo transfer/computer & screen printed designs.  If you are lucky enough to be attending the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in sure to sign up for her lecture on Thurs. afternoon....and of course her workshops through out the event.

 She often utilizes her Grandmother's hand written recipes and subtle additions of faces into her quilts.
 She brought these 3 pieces that she was undecided about her path.....the goal was to turn them into a triptych.  One of the great advantages of having such a talented group is the good suggestions that are offered.  Judy now has more ideas to explore!

We have another new member this year.....Dee Dee Triplet....a well known doll maker, and accomplished at just about every other technique!  She brought volumes of binders of her published work and this darling doll for us to drool over!

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