Friday, January 20, 2012


Writing a daily blog (or almost daily) has provided me the opportunity to really pay attention to daily routines....especially the small things that might be overlooked as (like many of you) I charge headlong through life.

It's a pleasure to share and yes, even think out loud as I create project after project.  Hopefully, my mis-steps and out and out mistakes will save you time as you tackle your creations.

Finding something to chat about day after day is rarely a problem....that's probably because I'm naturally so chatty.

 I have my pal Jackie from Colorado Springs to thank for today's post.  As you know, this blog doesn't include political or social comments....there's way too much of that going on everywhere already! 

This short flick is the closest thing you'll find to that sort of subject here.  Take a look.....maybe you'll find a description that is familiar to you....and perhaps will have a good laugh as well.


Wendy said...

ohmygod Mary, that was HILARIOUS!
Thanks for the laugh today.

Patsy Thompson said...

I loved this! Thanks or sharing it!