Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 I've been MIA now for nearly a week....I'm happy to be back!

My unusually mysterious absence (mysterious only because I'm normally such a blabber mouth that typically I post about everything)....was in part caused by my lack of internet access.  Yes, I can blog from my iphone but the little screen and my ignorance about how to attach photos from there...well...it was too much to learn at the moment.

I do have some photos to share over the next couple of days, but not like I should.....I was just too darn distracted.

Anyway.....the focus of today's blog is to send out a great big thank you to the thoughtful person who sent this fabric postcard. Notice I said 'person' and didn't name a name.....that's because it was unsigned and I can't even figure out where she lives because the post mark is unreadable.  So....please come forward so I can acknowledge you!! (At least I assume it was made by one of you that read my ramblings.)

I got home late last night and seeing it put such a smile on my face. It's only the 2nd fabric post card I've ever received and believe me it will never be outdated. I have to admit....we are all licking our wounds over Sunday's game.  But...they've truly given us so many thrills these last two seasons......it's really okay.....we love the Pack as does everyone in Packer nation!

Notice the postage stamp....very nice touch!

.....and I believe The PACK will thrill us again next year!!!


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Robbie said...

I was really rooting for the Packers! So sorry...but they held their heads high and did such a great job for the fans!!! Glad you back home and 'at it again'!!