Saturday, January 21, 2012


January is flying by......and some of you may be looking ahead to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, Feb. 23-26, 2012, held at Hampton Roads (VA) Convention Center.

Our fiber group (PTA - The Professional Textile Artists will be exhibiting "Inspired By"....  Several of us from our group will be attending....and two, Linda Cantrell and Judy Simmons will be teaching.  Perhaps I'll run into you??

Our Asheville, NC area invitational fiber group was formed over a decade ago. In an effort to keep us motivated and our creativity growing, we issue an annual quilt challenge to our 14 members. For the 2011 Challenge each artist was to create a wall quilt inspired by a 2-dimensional, non-quilt artist. The finished piece could be hung in either a vertical or horizontal orientation and measure approximately 24” x 30”. The exhibit includes a photo of the work by the artist who inspired each quilt. Additionally, each member will have a second piece, hung next to their ‘artist’ piece which exemplifies their own personal style. 

 Linda Cantrell was inspired by the work of seen here......

.....and here is Linda's fabulous original design.

This challenge was a favorite of all of us.  My piece and its back story can be seen here and here.

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