Wednesday, February 1, 2012


These treasures are sure to dazzle you as much as they wowed us.....

Judy Simmons, who is no stranger to marbling fabrics, just completed a week long workshop at the John Cambell Folk School.  She acted as a classroom helper but was able to participate in the class as her link for more details. 

Here are just a few of the (probably) 40+ fabrics she dyed.  The very last one is one of my favorites...but Judy called it her 'dead horse'.  I think that was the term she used.....oh please......I'll take that dead horse anytime!

Imagine the opportunity to create fabrics this beautiful and interesting!  I'm excited that this technique will be the focus of a two-day Fiber Junkie's meeting early this summer.  If you don't already have a small group of like minded pals who are interested in play dates.....try to seek some out and set up some meetings.  You won't be sorry.....

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