Wednesday, January 4, 2012


.......Winter has hit.....brrrr, we had a mini snow storm yesterday with really chilly temps....reminded me too much of why we left Wisconsin.  It's only 17 degrees this morning.....thus I'm refusing to go on our 'forced march'  (a 75 min. walk 'the husband' insists I accompany him on daily.) Ya, I know it's good for me too....but I dislike the whole thing and in these temps....NO WAY!!

 Instead, I'm concentrating on my newest project.  As you can see....there's progress.....more holes & more decorative threads have been hand stitched.  

 Naturally, beading is being added as on photo for enlarged view.

My original plan was to add lily pads and I 'thought' I had photos of my reject ideas.....some done in hand-dyed scrim and some made from stabilized hand-dyed silk. Never mind...they didn't work the plan now is to pretty much cover the surface with embellishing....not so you can't see the interesting nuno-felted areas......but just enough to add texture.  I've started with ripple echos around the top two holes.  Off to play some more....