Monday, January 9, 2012


Our two new members had recently visited Guatemala and both brought yummy textiles to show.....

 The cloth is hand woven and features hand embroidery.

 Detail (can you image the hours it took??)

 This detail of a Huipil ( a type of smock all the natives wear) is made using the bullion stitch....complete with shading....marvelous!

 Here's our Kate showing off how these textiles are worn.  The skirt is a length of fabric that is wrapped around the body and secured with a woven belt.

 Here's a purse or tote bag made by recycling a Huipil....notice how the neck becomes the opening for the bag.

 We learned that some of their cloth is woven on a 'belt' end is attached to the belt and another to objects such as trees.  They sit for hours and hours on their knees weaving.

What an education and of course it peaked everyone's interest......maybe a BIG field trip is in order?!?

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