Saturday, July 23, 2011


Twice a year (July and Oct.) the Southern Highland Craft Guild holds a fair at the Asheville Civic Center. Approximately 200 of their 900 members exhibit their art for sale. The fair will continue Sun. this weekend. Visit here for more info.

You can see everything from stunning pottery.....lots and lots of beautiful pottery...and I'm a sucker for pottery!

.....and stained glass. These window corners, by Magriuder Glass are such a clever idea......

Wood carvers and turned wood objects were everywhere....each artist had their own was fascinating to see all these different techniques and visions a simple piece of wood generates.

I LOVED everything in this booth by potter Kyle Carpenter. Seriously, if my pocket book would have allowed......several of his pieces would have come home with me.

Jewelry booths seemed to be in the majority, most featured metal work. There wasn't very much beadwork, in fact I only saw one booth that seemed to feature that craft. Here's an example.

And another....these vessels appeared to be created with wire....using large seed beads (size 6 I'd guess). Though the photo doesn't show it.....what made them interesting is the almost fabric like draping that was somehow incorporated into the beadwork.

Several booths did a wonderful job of not only displaying their art for sale, but educating customers as well. Jim McPhail - 'small world' was amazing. On the left you see a stack of thin layers of various color/types of wood. 2nd from left photo they have been glued together and a circular form has been marked on the top layer. Next that unit has been rough cut and finally you can see the finished tiny bowl (appx. 3" diameter). These pieces sell for about $180.....and after seeing the process, I'm not surprised.

This Lacewood table literally took my breath away....made from Wenge, Australian Sily Oak. My photo makes it appear a bit flasher then it really was.....honestly it was stunning.


I got a kick out of these chairs......the artist incorporated all sorts of unusual (yet often natural) materials into them...such as moose & deer antlers.

Treat yourself to some serious eye candy this weekend if you are near Asheville...and of course visit the many fiber booths where many of my fiber friends that you read about on my blog have their work on display.....

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thea said...

Such neat stuff. Love the window corners, how cute. and that bowl. amazing. thanks for the pictures.