Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I've noticed we have some new followers.....welcome and thank you for joining me. You all give me a reason to stop each day to reflect and be grateful for how full my life is. (Ya...that statement is a little deep for me....but the feelings are genuine.) Here's an overview of a group I blog about a lot.

Two plus years ago, I organized a small and powerful mini group called the Fiber Junkies. There are 6 of us....mainly living about an hour or more, in every direction, apart. We've purposely kept our group small to allow us to meet in each others homes, though we know so many more fabulous creative folks we would love to include. Each month we gather to learn a specific technique...the activity is led by one or more of our members.

This month Carol Sloan was our guide. She makes the most interesting books....filled with Carol's can do attitude and style.....'make it work with what you've got'. She teaches workshops in the area, so check out her website to find one near you.

The spines are finished and covered with a variety of materials and methods.

Between the "signatures"....which is a grouping of papers, Carol adds interest and personality by including vintage hankies, hand painted papers, laces.....you must see these books in person!!

She suggested we have a theme for our book.....a method I use constantly to not only spark my creativity but to rein it in and better focus. So, I've selected some batik prints of (what else??) cows and some colorful polka dot fabrics for what will be a children's book......like possibly a grandma's brag book.

This could cause some reaction from 'the perfect child'.......no I'm not pushing!!! Instead it's easily a gift for the many friends I have who are becoming grandparents.

We started out small to make it easier to learn the techniques. This is my cover.....left to right...the back, spine, and front. Naturally.....it needs to be trimmed, edged etc. We all have some homework to do before our Aug. gathering where we will learn to assemble the books.

Here's Nancy's cover.....and look....our clever gal has a book marker already made with a felted acorn (one of her favorite subjects) already made! Sooooo clever. Judy Simmons generously set out a bin of her ink jet leaves/flowers for us to use. Nancy selected these three which look to have been transferred onto a sheer, possible even hand dyed fabric.

Val is our quiet and productive member......and always, always astonishes us with her ideas and skillful combination of materials. The main focus of her cover is a greeting card....soooo Val.

I'll report back in early August so you can see the finished pieces......

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