Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Perhaps the popularity of hand quilting is swinging back around in favor again. The workshop I'm teaching here in Asheville, Aug. 24th is now full with 25 students and a waiting list. If you delayed connecting with me....please still do that.....as often happens at the last minute, a few students drop out and you might still get in the class. If not, I'm willing to teach another workshop!

So....speaking of hand quilting....I'm plugging along each evening quilting on my artist inspired Calder piece. I hadn't planned to do as much concentrated quilting as I'm now finding the quilt needs.....but am content to sit and enjoy this relaxing activity as the quilt comes alive before my eyes.
The lines of echo quilting on the lower portion of the quilt is being worked about 3/4" apart.

I like to feel the needle pierce all three layers so my fingers beneath the quilt get pretty sore, even with calluses!

Before going to bed I smear beeswax on those fingers to help smooth the rough spots...... I consider my calluses a 'badge of honor'......as I follow the time honored tradition of hand quilting!