Friday, July 15, 2011


While I'm struggling to machine quilt my 'Banksy' artist piece......stitching and ripping is more like it.....I thought I'd report about the July Fiber Art Alliance meeting.

My good pal Judy Simmons volunteered to demonstrate her method of marbling fabric. She should 1999 she wrote "Creative Marbling on Fabric", published by Fiber Studio Press, a division of Martingale & Company. Though it's out of print, try to find a copy.

It's a huge undertaking setting up all the equipment for a workshop such as this but in Judy's typical generous and organized style.....everyone learned so much from her detailed instruction.

Using various supplies such as Alum, ammonia, methyl cellulose, buckets, dye trays etc. a recipe of marbling base is prepared. A variety dye colors are 'suspended' (float) over the base.

Next, different size 'rakes' are selected and drawn through the dye.......

....which creates the most amazing patterns...... Prepared fabrics of all types of materials can then be lowered onto the dye...picking up the pattern. The following are some of Judy's samples:

The final one is marbled and then stamped to add another dimension. Judy has marbled everything from fabric yardage for quilts and clothing to canvas sneakers and is an inspiration to us all.

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