Sunday, July 10, 2011


Our L.I.N.T. fiber group is developing an exhibit for 2012 and in order for it to be somewhat cohesive, we've selected a 'theme' for the show.

I got really, really inspired by the choice and immediately began making a piece, which led to another.....both now completed. You can view the development of both pieces here, here, here,
here, and here.

During those posts, I hadn't revealed exactly what that theme was. Perhaps after seeing these two might want to guess?

Obviously, since I have more than 6 more months and many more ideas to make replacement pieces, therefore both of these are available for purchase now if anyone is me using the link at the upper right.

Sea Shell 11" x 16"
Bamboo/rayon felt, machine stitching, bead embellishment


Sand Dollar 11" x 17"
Woolfelt, machine stitched, embellished with found object


1 comment:

Nanette said...

I love these!
As to theme? Something to do with seashells or lines?