Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've recently been invited to join a long standing, group of professional fiber artists. L.I.N.T. (Ladies In New Textiles.) Each month a member takes her turn organizing the generally short 2+ hour meeting. From time to time we do a field trip....this was such a month.

Vicki Essig arranged a lovely and educational day for our group which started off by meeting at the Grovewood. It's located adjacent to the historical Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC. Working artist's studios are contained in this of which is Vicki's husband....I'll be showing (and still coveting) his fabulous work in an upcoming post.

The gardens surrounding the property are dotted with sculptures. many are available for purchase. This steel work of art was made by Grace Cathey and could be yours for $1,600.

Get an eye full of the wonders of this magical place below......

We were visited by two aggressive hawks when we first gathered....I suspect they had a nest nearby.

This section has been named Wind Forest; the work of artist Lyman Whitaker.

More to follow tomorrow.......this may be such a tease to some of you......really.....I encourage you to come and visit our mountains where beauty can be found around every corner.

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