Sunday, July 3, 2011


I'll come back to posting more about the July Fiber Junkies meeting shortly......but first I wanted to tell you about a new blog, See How We Sew, created by Darra Williamson and 3 pals.

Darra is the best editor I've ever worked with....I count myself lucky to have had her guidance numerous times. The biggest project was "The Stori of Beaded Embellishment", written by me and edited by Darra for That Patchwork Place, published in 2001. I just got the following note from her:

"I'm writing to let you know that you are mentioned (and your website hyperlinked) in my blog posting scheduled to go live in the early morning hours, tomorrow, July 1. As part of the post, I‚m giving away a copy of Rodale's Favorite Techniques from the Experts (now there's some ancient history!). In describing the book, I wanted to call out the names of some of the more prominent teachers who contributed, and you were an obvious choice ;-)

Of course I'm very flattered.......but bragging rights are not why I'm sharing this with you...... Go to their site and register to win this book, edited by Darra and of which I'm a contributor.

Her blog post also features instructions for making these easy & fun pieced flowers....just the thing to bring summer inside!!

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Peg Howard said...

Yep Darra is the best :)
Took some of my first classes from her when she lived in Charleston SC decades ago....Thanks for the info.