Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The loss of a quilt is a concern every one of us has when we share our quilts through shows, exhibits, displays, shipping....you name it. If it's out of your hands there is a small risk.

Unfortunately, 4 quilts displayed in the C & T booth at Salt Lake City's market can not be located. Three of the four are 'cover' quilts made by C & T authors.

The company is taking major steps to locate them, one of which is offering a $4,000, no questions asked reward for their safe return. If one quilt is returned, the reward will be based upon the appraised value of the quilt. Information or inquiries should be directed to Amy Marson at C & T Publishing.

Please keep your eyes open whether on the internet or other places quilts are sold, hopefully they will be uncovered.

Allie Aller's cover quilt, Crazy in the Garden, fromAllie Aller's Crazy Quilting (46" x 46")

Joyce Becker's cover quilt, Dryer Lint, Etc., fromQuick Little Landscape Quilts (18" x 18")

Deborah Kemball's cover quilt, Floral Sampler, fromBeautiful Botanicals (28" x 42.5")

Sweetwater's, Gathered Table Runner, from Fresh Fabric Treats (42.5" x 16")

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