Friday, July 1, 2011


As the 4th of July holiday weekend begins......the Fiber Junkies gathered for our own kind of celebrating......meaning......creating, eating, show and tell, and girlfriend chit chat.

Before I go on.....let's stop and admire the gorgeous floral arrangements Judy Simmons had displayed all around her beautiful home. Her husband and son......masterful gardeners, tend huge flower beds on their property.

This sun flower stopped us all in our tracks!!


soooooo lovely!

Show and tell is always as highlight.....and as usual, Nancy dazzled us with more of her dye experiments. This velvet fern has been cut from a Patsy Thompson designed Sizzix die. It's sitting on a piece of rusted fabric.

Nancy will dye anything....seriously.....this is cheese cloth.....the kind of cheese cloth found for use in food service. We all loved the texture it provided.

Nancy recently traded work with this PA artist.....

......Whose speciality is book making. I wish you could see this handmade paper masterpiece in was so handsome.

The 'signatures' (paper sections that make up the book) were hand sewn in...the twine ends were finished off with beads......I was panting!

Speaking of is Pasty's newest. The center section is my favorite fiber....Woolfelt. It's surrounded by her own hand-dyed cotton.

Of course Patsy's free motion feather quilting becomes the star of any of her quilts. I've always been a fan of wholecloth quilting.....and have taught it for years. However, what takes me ages....she can do in expertly in hours. Be sure to check out her site where Patsy's DVD's can help make you an expert too!

This might be a good time to mention....especially for any locals reading my ramblings. I'll be teaching a hand quilting workshop - Aug. 24th. 9:00-3:30 PM. in Asheville. It's open to anyone....if you are interested in more info or too register please email me. There is a lot of interest in this class so don't delay.

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