Friday, June 25, 2010


After two full days of judging the Vermont Quilt Festival.......the opening of the show was held last night. I'll be posting photos of the winners shortly. The judging panel is below......these gals made the process positive and enjoyable.

(left to right) Cindy Erickson, Kimbery Einmo, Mary Stori, Barbara Broushous

"Come and Follow Me" by Domnique Ehrmann, Ste. Sophie, Quebec

I awarded my judge's choice ribbon to this incredible piece.......the talk of the show.....
It's an elaborate, amazingly detailed free-standing 3-D piece. It contains 2 separate layers that invite the viewer to visually walk into the piece.

No detail was overlooked.....the tree trunks were made with tucked fabric.

This is a side view of the 3 layers of the piece.

The main character was suspended with a clear heavy duty wire.

Aren't the details of these last couple of photos astonishing? Although, some shows have not accepted this type of work because it doesn't fall into a 'quilt' category.........the crowds around it during the opening were pleased that VQF did.

I was able to sign & personally present my judge's ribbon to the maker......

This has been a very hectic show....with one more class to teach tomorrow and Show and Tell event tomorrow evening......I have more photos to share.....and will do that as soon as possible.

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