Sunday, June 13, 2010


An unexpected bonus of writing a blog is my new ability to look with my eyes wide open during my routine daily life. With our ever increasing busy lives.....we tend (at least I do) to rush from task to task.....not really stopping to 'appreciate' the little things that surround us. Blogging has redirected my thoughts, allowing me to be more aware and enjoy my surroundings to the fullest!

Black bears images are often used as symbols for Western North Carolina...... How adorable are these?? Dressed up with their sun glasses, sand pails, beach towel, and beverage cup!

While strolling the historic streets of downtown Waynesville, hopping.....I noticed this decorative touch in the front of a potter's studio.

I picked this 12" long x 3" piece of what looks like driftwood on my walk the other day. Since I found it along a mountain road, surrounded by woods, driftwood is probably not the right description. The wood is very smooth, dotted with holes from insect damage.

Last night, just as the sun was going down I noticed a wild turkey that has been hanging around. She was leading her brood into a field.......these little guys have tripled in size from when I saw them less than a week ago......

Keep your eyes open....... I've given myself permission to STOP DOING.....just for right now .......and ENJOY!!

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