Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Every year, just before Memorial Day, the Shady Lady's present a quilt show at the Lake Logan Retreat Center. This small group of excellent quilters continually out-do themselves....the shows get better and better. And in their generous spirit, the proceeds go to benefit Lake Logan's fine programs.

Also each year they come up with the most clever challenge ideas......and this year was no exception. Quilters who took up the challenge had to design a piece based on a paint chip....which was displayed along with their quilts.

Chris Regina made Fourth of July in Margaritaville....paint chip color was "Sour Lime". The design was based on Diane S. Hire's "Ring Around the Rosy" technique. I thought this quilt was wonderful....and realized this is probably the third year in a row that I've taken a photo of Chris's work...... Clearly, I like her style and admire her good workmanship.

"Showy Ladies" was made by Patsy Kells - paint chip color "Jade". It was based on a photo she took years ago of orchids in the woods of Vermont.

"Pokewood" by Jane Cole (who is one of the talented driving forces behind the Shady Lady's). Paint chip color was "Palm". Jane had sent two summers photographing this 'noxious' weed during all its stages of growth. We see this plant everywhere here in the mountains, it's striking yet quite invasive and apparently poisonous.

"Solar Wind" made by Elizabeth Allen - Paint Chip Color "Beach". This is a very striking quilt....the machine quilting was incorporated so expertly....creating a dramatic sense of movement.

"Red on Red" by Wendy Bowen.....the second driving force behind the Shady Lady's group. Her work is always meticulously executed, with a mastery of color and design placement. This was not part of the challenge and was sold within minutes of the show's opening.

"Boundaries" by Wendy Bowen 15" x 38".....this piece was for sale at $395......if anyone is interested (and if the quilt is still avaiable), I'd be glad to put you in touch with Wendy.

Note how Wendy's skillful machine quilting enhances and creates texture.

I'll be off to teach at the NQA show tomorrow and don't expect to have internet access, mainly because I'm too cheap to pay the $10.00 fee the hotel charges...... But, I'll take lots of pictures and post when I can. Say hello if you are attending the show.....

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