Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I hope you've enjoyed these short peaks into the NQA's the last batch of photos I was able to take. Rightly or wrongly, I've pretty much categorized this show as more of a traditional quilt display......but this year the art quilt movement was definitely visible.

"On Drawing II: A Little Stitching Madness" by Brooke Atherton - Billings Montana
She said: "Trying to eliminate painful hand work, I explored machine stitching effects mixed with pencil sketching. From limitations comes a joyful and exciting new direction."

"Window III" by Deborah Weir - Rolling Hills Estates CA
She said: "A mysterious image warps the window panes and melts into the foreground."


"Jet Trails" by Marcia DeCamp - Palmyra, NY

She said: "I love watching the patterns of the jet trails in the western skies from my studio windows and capturing them in fabric."

"Exuberance" by Cynthia St. Charles - Billings, Montana

She said: "Creative opportunity returned to my life after an extended period of family distractions. "Exuberance reflects the simple joy of working with colors and shapes."

Currently I'm at VQF, (Vermont Quilt Festival) with one day down and another to go judging the show. For a show os this size, it's a bit unusual since it's not juried, nor are there any monetary awards, which is startling.........the caliber of entries is amazingly high.

It's getting fairly rare to find hand appliqued and hand quilted quilts.......happily there are many in the show to admire. I'd say in general though, the majority of quilts are machine quilted....most by long arm machines. Overall the quality of both workmanship and design is very good.

I going to ask permission to photograph some of my favorites for my blog and will post after the opening on Thursday night. I could hardly drag myself away from one quilt in particular....... a free-standing, 3-D, piece that can't be described w/o a photo......sorry I'm leading you on.....but I will do my best to post blew my mind.

Well....with sore feet....I must haul myself out of bed and get ready for day two of judging. The show organizer are such a pleasure to work with......they are supremely organized and have an abundance of volunteers which makes my duty so much easier!

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