Monday, June 14, 2010


Our PTA (Piecer's - Talkers - Appliquer's) met at my home this past always we have good conversation, good food, and inspiring show and tell.

Here Judy Simmons is holding a quilt top made by Dort Lee. She created it for our annual PTA challenge....this year's theme is Sunrise or Sunset. Our rules are simple......keeping the theme as a focus of the design the quilt must also contain some black and measure 32" x 44".

Dort's specialty is machine applique landscape designs.......her fun themes are so charming and her thoughtful details are always intriguing to explore. Notice the shadows. Yikes....I think she said she used Pigma pens to create them.

We are thrilled for Dort and are cheering her as she embarks as a cartoonist for a local paper. Editors provide her with the subject, then it's up to her to develop the cartoon. We had a very bad winter here in the mountains......with so many snow days that school kids are just now finishing up their year after adding classes on Saturdays to make up the missed days.

This cartoon depicts a incident at a local Waffle House......a waitress was arrested after being caught selling drugs from the restaurant.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this's Barbara's entry into the Asheville Quilt Show (Aug. 5-8, 2010). If you've registered for my Great Smoky Mountain Quilting Tour.....we'll be seeing this one in person!! It is for sale.......and I may be the first in line with my checkbook!

Kate and her husband recently visited Spain......she became fascinated with Gaudi's work. She shared this's sure to spark creativity. Perhaps we'll see some Gaudi inspired designs in her future work.

Judy Simmons shared this nearly completed piece. Her masterful collage designs which utilize photo altered print fabrics beg to be seen in person too. She will be presenting a dinner lecture on this subject during my quilt tour. There's still time to join the fun.....visit here for details.

The face was drawn by her son. Judy screen printed it......toned it with a sheer and then netting fabric.....

Here's Connie Brown mugging for a Wonder Woman pose. We love her ever present enthusiasm. This month we all brought items to share that we no longer wanted or could use. Connie's keen eye recognized another use for the napkin rings I made.

I designed the beaded holiday napkin rings for McCall's Quilting Magazine. The pattern was published in the December 2006 issues....."Set for the Holidays", pages 64-66.

The original 'cuffs' for Connie!

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