Monday, June 21, 2010


I admit to be a hotel snob.......sure, we'd all love to stay at the 4 Seasons, but of course few of us do.

I was delighted to be assigned to the 18 floor of the this strange room, shaped like a triangle.......all the outer walls were windows.

Even the bathroom walls were windows......

My room overlooked the convention center where the show was held.......this place is mammoth. Though we quilters sometimes think we've taken over the world......the NQA event was only 1 of several being held.

As usual when teaching at these big events, my time is limited and often only a brief stroll through the show is all I can manage. While doing so, here are a few photos of quilts that caught my eye.

by: Karen G. Fisher - Tuscon, AZ

The beadwork on this quilt was so effective!
Sunflower 1
by: Patricia Tiffany Schumacher - Lawrenceville, GA


Sunset Serenade
by: Beth Schilling - Columbus, OH

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Julie Bagamary said...

WOW- Karen G. Fisher's quilt is very nice!