Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We teachers love to see how the methods we teach are embraced and translate to the work of students. Though I encourage photos to be sent my's not often enough that I receive them.

Today I'm bragging on a very talented and engaged student, Shawn Frazier....who took my workshop during my visit to the Bear Creek Quilters Guild.

Clearly this gal has gotten bitten by the 'bead bug'.......I love how she's enhanced her newly completed shell quilt with the addition of beadwork. I know you'll enjoy it too.......

Now if this isn't a reason to the snail details!!

Thanks for sharing your work Shawn!

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Shawn said...


Thank you so much! I am extremely flattered that you wanted to post the pictures of my work, I never expected that. I am enjoying beading so much, and you are a very good teacher, so the credit goes to you. Thanks again, Shawn