Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The quilts on display at the NQA Show were wonderful......one observation I had was that the number of art quilts seemed to outweigh traditional quilt by at least 2 to 1. Design impact was generally very good as was the construction on all entries.

"Bamboo Tiger" by Karen Silvers - Wisconsin - a 2nd place ribbon winner in the small quilt category. Stunning....... visit her blog to see more photos.

Her very clever use of fussy cut print fabric to create the tiger's stripes was brilliant.

"Interwoven" by Carol Larson - Petaluma, CA

She says - "As a former hand-weaver, I was captivated by this thrift shop sampler. Oh, the possibilities of what a little dye and paint can do!"

"Himalayan Garden" by Pat Holy - Ann Arbor, MI
"An old embroidery from India inspired me to design this completely machine appliqued and quilted miniature to honor amazing textiles from around the world."

Note from Mary: If you get a chance to see this in person.....don't pass it up.........Pat can't be human......honestly it blew me away....her skill is so excellent. I'm sure she can make her sewing machine stand up and walk across the floor and take a bow! Pat is a sister of Sue Nickels, who often team up to create their masterpiece quilts.


"Pond's Edge" by Denise Linet - Center Harbor, New Hampshire

She says" "Living so near to nature has a direct influence upon my work, not only as direct imagery but as soft geometric shapes, random gestural marks and layered surfaces."

More to come....stay tuned.....

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