Monday, April 26, 2010


Through friends of friends, I was lucky enough to get a peek back in time by looking through 2 large containers of vintage textiles. I believe the storage conditions have damaged some of the items slightly, but overall, the colors remain bright and there is no sign of moth damage.

The embroidering was done on what I suspect was a piece of linen. Whoever stitched it was quite accomplished.

Look at this piece....still in its hoop with the needle threaded. It was probably a kit since the designs were printed on the fabric. Amazingly, the needle was rust this must have been stored in a fairly damp free environment.


Some of the floss was wrapped around cardboard pieces.....this one was originally a postcard dated Feb. 20, 1937.

This feed sack looked brand new......and because it was quite small, I wonder whether it was used for advertising.

About half of one bin held laces..... Most had some brown 'aging' spots but otherwise in pristine condition. Many were tatted.....not being an expert on lace......I will offer my humble opinion to say these looked like excellent quality. If anyone knows a resource for my friends to sell them, I'd love to pass a contact along to the owners.


I've got quilts to share tomorrow from the bins.....

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