Friday, April 23, 2010


Nancy Bruce, a member of Fiber Junkies is an expert at fabric dying. In fact, I think she'd dye just about anything that stands still.

What makes her so great is her willingness and passion to experiment on vast varieties of fiber contents and different types of dyes. I wish I could recall exactly what fabrics these were....but she haunts off beat fabric outlets and thrift stores....there isn't a white or off white fabric she won't purchase.

I think this was a blouse she took apart....... I'm very partial to blue and had to restrain myself from snatching this out of her hand.

This orange/rust/brown piece came from some, less than attractive, yucky tan colored 100% wool felt I gave her. I've already got it on my design wall and pondering how best to showcase her work with some beading.

Judy Simmons is another member of our group who has been consumed with the once in a life-time task of making her daughter's wedding gown. She glows when she talks about it and has posted many tutorials on her website that are fascinating to follow.

She's been saving every scrap of all the various fabrics used in its making.....from muslins to silk to $$ lace and gave them to Nancy to play with. We collectively gasped when Nancy spread these treasures out for us to look at. And...typical of every member of this generous group, she 'returned' several pieces to Judy so she can make a memento from them.

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