Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter day was simply picture book perfect so we took the opportunity to get some fresh airand hike some of the roads/trails cut into the mountain sides that surround our mountain valley. I'm suffering from one of the worst cases of poison ivy I've ever had (3 weeks and counting)....and I've had I was VERY careful about touching anything but my walking stick.

We've been wanting to walk up to the 'bald' at the top of the mountain to the West of our development......despite the look of this road or once cattle actually was some of the easiest walking we had.

It wound around and around, up and up.....the views are incredible.

And yes, just like all the locals'll always find interesting abandoned home sites, equipment, and yes, even trash when you follow these roads.

After about 2 hrs. we are just about even with the mountain range to the East...but not nearly to the top of the 'bald.'

As we climbed.....we came across many springs and small waterfalls.....lovely..... These rocks were practically vertical along the side of the path.

No, this isn't the top.......we were probably about another hour or more from there, but decided to turn around and explore further another day.

Hope your Easter was pleasant too.

On a personal note......since you were a believer, I believe you will know that I'm wishing you Happy Birthday today Nancy........

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Wendy said...

Mary, i came *this* close to looking you up in the phonebook this past Thursday evening; hubby & i were in Asheville for the night! I chickened out...

We went to Sante' wine bar for a "sip-n-bite", and walked around downtown. We left the next morning for Pigeon Forge, where we spent the weekend. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Your pix are great, and they make me jealous that i don't have such a beautiful place to go on a daily "march".