Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here's the final look at some of the intriguing vintage quilt tops/blocks I've been blogging about. It makes me wonder just how many more bins/boxes/closet shelves/chests and stored treasures made by mountain quilters in days long gone by are yet to be discovered.

This log cabin top was machine pieced..... looks like circa 1930's to me.

How nice to see this variation of the log cabin block....featuring rectangles in the center, rather than the single square.

Look at the care the quiltmaker took when she pieced the fabric for this patch!

Here's another top featuring fan blocks and alternating solid squares.

There was a stack of fan blocks as well....made me wonder why they weren't used in the quilt top above....perhaps the quilter planned the plain blocks to feature hand quilting. Of course I couldn't resist playing a little bit with setting arrangements.....obviously I didn't work too hard since two pink patches are placed side by side.

More blocks.....again these are machine pieced which was kinda a surprise.....

And's always a treat to explore and appreciate the work of quilters who've come before us.

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