Saturday, April 10, 2010


Oh boy....what fun..... 'The husband' and I have loved Bluegrass music for over 40 years. Living in this part of the country now, we have the opportunity to see the BEST quite often.

This is Old Rock School in Valdese, NC. In 1893 a group of Waldenses, from Cottian Alps of Northern Italy settled in this area which is about 60 mins. East of Asheville, in the NC foothills.
The Waldenses were pre-Reformation Christians with a religious ancestry that dates back to at least the 12th century. To learn more about this charming town visit here.

You can tell by the line, that folks were anxious to enter this wonderful old 400 seat auditorium to hear, Daily & Vincent, the best Bluegrass group of performers in the world. (In my humble opinion.)

The Synder Family Band opened the show last night. We've been watching these kids at various Bluegrass events for 4 years now. They are literally growing up before our eyes, physically and professionally. Little Samantha started playing the fiddle when she was 3, her older brother Zeb is 14 and plays like a pro already, Dad plays the bass.

TA DA.....Daily & Vincent....with their excellent and entertaining band members. I've said it before.....but it bears repeating.....each time we've heard this group I say they can't possibly put on a better show.....and each time they do! If you like'll love their music.

AND....what a thrill for Zeb to be asked to join them on stage to play a song or two. What a generous gesture from these Grammy winning pros!

Jamie Daily (left) and Darrin Vincent (right) can harmonize so goose bumps will have goose bumps.

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Wendy said...

My husband is going to Valdese next weekend for an "old car" meeting - he has a 1964 Ford Falcon that i call his Girlfriend.
I'm assuming you've heard of the Waldensian Festival they have in August every year?