Sunday, April 25, 2010


The March Fiber Junkie meeting provided so much inspiration.....I'll may still be blogging about it for another couple of days..... These gals are amazing..... Carol Sloan shared the following:

The bottom photo is a closeup of tree bark.....the top is a drawing Carol made using that image.

THEN......on the left is her rendition of the design which was made using her needle punch machine with fibers, yarns, and other snippets. She wasn't sure just how she'll use it yet.......but with her imagination, it will become even more awesome.

Here's a detail

The fiber make up of this piece would have been a mystery if she hadn't explained it. Carol fused a paperbacked, heavy duty fusible to a plain fabric base. Next, she peeled off the paper and painted the adhesive surface with Lumiere, which is a metallic textile paint. I love the 'cracked' texture which happened as she machine stitched the black motifs.

This final piece is another example of how Carol creates her own textured fabrics which she incorporates into other projects. Here she machine needle punched rusted cheese cloth, and a sparkly sheer onto a heavy muslin base. I can't wait to see what she does with this.....

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